If there’s one thing we all know about the culture our students are living in, it’s that it is constantly changing. From the shows they watch and the accounts they follow on social media, to the music they listen to and the styles that are “in,” what’s considered “cool” in culture seems to change in the blink of an eye. As youth workers, how do we keep up with it? Join ministry leaders in this episode for a conversation all about student culture. They’ll discuss common tensions youth workers are feeling when it comes to keeping pace with student culture and practical ways you can utilize culture to connect with the students you lead.



As we age, our interests age. (1:30)

Student culture moves incredibly fast. (2:00)

Keeping pace with student culture takes a lot of work. (3:00)

Student culture is fractured. (3:30)

You’re not just trying to figure out what’s cool. You’re trying to figure out what’s cool to many different groups. (4:00)

Following students publicly on social media can give you a window into student culture. (5:00)

Since youth culture is changing, the way we do youth ministry should also change. (14:00)

Student culture moves quickly because of technology. (15:30)

Youth workers must be willing to put in more work to keep up with culture. (16:30)

Most students don’t even watch TV in real time anymore. (17:15)

The way you keep up with student culture is by engaging with students outside the walls of your church. (19:00)

Culture is inconsistent, but we as the church can be consistent. Culture is judgmental, but we as the church can be accepting. (22:00)

Instead of trying to compete with culture, we as the church can respond to culture. (23:00)

We can’t get rid of culture, but we can enrich it. (24:00)

Engage culture through your students instead of engaging culture for your students. (24:15)

The goal of keeping pace with student culture is connection. (24:30)

Practical ways to engage culture through students. (28:00)

Find what the Church can offer that no one else can. (29:30)


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