Our students live in a world where sex and dating are talked about everywhere they turn—on the bus, in the school halls, on Netflix, and on social media. Because it’s so prevalent, it’s important for us to talk with our middle school and high school students about it as well. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about the best ways to address the topic of sexuality in our ministry environments. They’ll discuss real questions that students are asking, what to say and what not to say about sex and dating, and how you can better equip parents and small group leaders for conversations with students about this topic.




What are some real questions that eighth graders are asking when it comes to sex and dating? (7:00)

What tensions are youth leaders feeling before they talk to students about sex and dating? (12:00)

If we believe that the Church is the safest place to talk about any topic, we’ve got to be able to talk about sex and dating with our students. (13:00)

Why should youth pastors be addressing these questions from stage? Because students are going to be asking these questions. (13:30)

No matter what age you are, you can talk about your sexuality in a healthy, God-loving way. (16:00)

What is a Parent Preview Night? (17:00)

Before you talk about this topic in your ministry, pre-record your message and share it with parents prior to talking to students. (19:00)

When and how do you start talking about sex and dating in middle school? (20:30)

The conversation needs to be starting earlier than middle school. (21:00)

Start the conversation with middle schoolers with the idea that sex is good and sex is powerful. (22:30)

When it comes to talking about sexuality, we have an opportunity to coach parents in having these conversations with their kid. (24:00)

The biggest gifts we can give middle school students when it comes to the topic of sexuality is the words to talk about it and the skills in how to do that. (25:00)

How does the conversation change from middle school to high school? (28:00)

From year to year, the principles we teach will stay the same, but the conversations in small group will change. (29:00)

How do you equip Small Group Leaders to have conversations with middle school and high school students about sexuality? (32:00)

When talking to students about sexuality, do not over-share and do not over-promise. (33:00)

Know your students. Laugh with them. Get comfortable with saying words that make you feel uncomfortable. Talk about the whole picture. Normalize their questions. (36:00)


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