Being a female in youth ministry presents a unique set of challenges that many women are navigating on a weekly basis. On this episode of Rethinking Youth Ministry, join ministry leaders for a conversation about the obstacles that females in youth ministry are facing. They’ll also talk about the value of having students see women in visible leadership positions and what you can do—no matter who you are—to better support the females in your youth ministry this week.



What challenges have you faced as a female in youth ministry? (3:30)

Stereotypes for what women are and aren’t good at exist. (5:30)

There is so much value in having students see women lead. (7:45)

Kids can only be what they can see, and they will never be what they can’t see. (9:15)

When do healthy boundaries unintentionally inhibit women in youth ministry? (12:30)

What are some challenges and pressures that female communicators face? (17:00)

Know what you’re good at and own it. (21:30)

Don’t settle for a role just because it’s the one you are offered. (21:45)

Find community with other women in youth ministry. (23:00)

We, as females in youth ministry, need to be each other’s biggest fans. (23:15)

Males who are leading females in youth ministry: Who is a female that you see something in? What can you do to mobilize her to use what God has gifted her with? (25:30)

The only thing that will change the way females are viewed in youth ministry is the way that males treat them. (26:00)

Women represent part of the image of God. If students don’t see women represented, they will miss seeing a part of what God is like. (31:30)

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