It can be easy to measure the success of our youth ministries just by looking at attendance and numbers. But the truth is, attendance tells us more about the school calendar and weather than it does about the spiritual growth of our students. In this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation on how to best define and measure success in your ministry environment.



How do we measure success in our youth ministries? (1:30)

We tend to measure the success of our youth ministries by attendance and comparison. (2:00)

Attendance tells us more about the school calendar and the weather than it does spiritual growth. (2:30)

The tension is not if we should pay attention to numbers, but how we apply those numbers. (4:15)

The single best measurement of a kid’s spiritual growth is a hunch by another person. (11:30)

Jesus made the centerpiece of His movement a small group. (12:30)

Influence is what makes people take steps toward Jesus, and influence happens through relationship. (13:00)

Attendance is different from engagement. (16:00)

The first thing you need before you measure anything is have an accurate and active roster. (22:00)

You want every kid to know that they will be missed when they do not show up. (25:00)

What do you do when your leadership has a different idea about how to measure success? (29:00)

Great churches don’t grow because they are focused on growing. (29:15)

Attendance is not success. It is a fruit of success. (30:30)

You need great data so you can ask great questions. (37:00)

Find someone to keep data, and measure it long-term. (38:00)


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