There are a lot of things competing with youth group attendance, and for many youth leaders, there’s no greater competitor than sports and athletics. Whether it’s travel baseball, swim meets, or soccer tournaments, when our students prioritize sports over church, it feels like we’re losing them. But are we? This week, join Brett Talley, Ashley Bohinc, Stuart Hall, and Dan Scott for part two of this conversation as they discuss their experiences navigating this tension from the perspectives of a parent, coach, player, and youth pastor.



Most often, youth pastors lose their small group leaders because their kids aren’t coming. (1:30)

What are the tensions coaches and parents struggle with when it comes to the competition between sports and church? (3:00)

What are the tensions that the student athlete struggles with when it comes to the competition between sports and church? (8:00)

There is a difference between religion and developing an authentic faith in the life of a student. (15:00)

Tension allows a kid to grow in their character and integrity. (16:00)

Youth pastors: Record your messages. Make them available for students and parents to access when they can’t attend church. (22:30)

We need to redefine the word “committed” when it comes to our youth ministries. (24:00)

We need to rethink how we measure success. (27:00)

We need to embrace and champion the fact that we have student athletes in our ministries that are a part of multiple activities. (27:30)

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