There are a lot of things competing with youth group attendance, and for many youth leaders, there’s no greater competitor than sports and athletics. Whether it’s travel baseball, swim meets, or soccer tournaments, when our students prioritize sports over church, it feels like we’re losing them. But are we? This week, join Brett Talley, Ashley Bohinc, Stuart Hall, and Dan Scott as they discuss how to survive the competition and how ministry leaders should respond to the growing tension.



What are some ways church leaders feel the tension between sports and other activities that compete with church attendance? (6:00)

When it comes to sports and church, we’ve declared a competition between something that could be a beautiful partnership. (6:45)

There are four viewpoints when it comes to the tension between sports and church: the youth pastor, the coach, the parent, and the kid. (8:30)

The Church isn’t going to change the tension between church and sports, but how we relate to it can change. (10:00)

The greatest mission field our students have are their schools and their sports fields. (12:00)

From the viewpoint of a youth pastor, how do we best partner with parents when it comes to the tensions between sports and church attendance? (20:00)

What is the role of the Small Group Leader when it comes to students who miss church for sports? (25:00)

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