Have you ever crossed the finish line of a student camp or weekend retreat and thought, “Is this really worth it?” From coordinating logistics to writing messages to convincing leaders to take time off to attend, there’s so much time and effort that goes into pulling off a student camp. This week, join Sarah Anderson, Crystal Chiang, Tom Shefchunas, and Josh Lamm for a conversation about the lasting benefits of a camp experience for students in your ministry.




Is it worth it to continue to have student camps when things don’t always go as planned? (5:00)

Is it just fun for students or is it really beneficial? (8:00)

Liability is a huge tension when it comes to student camps. (8:30)

Use multiple communicators for the talks at student camps. (16:00)

The best way a camp experience can impact a student is when the communicator communicates in a way that enhances the role of the small group leader. (17:00)

If your camp isn’t tackling issues that students are really wrestling with, then it might not be worth it. (20:00)

There is an expectation for valuable moments to happen during a student camp. (20:00)

What are ways you can make camp a huge win for leaders too? (28:00)

Three catalysts of faith that are hit at camp: practical teaching, providential relationships, and pivotal circumstances. (32:00)

If you are serious about helping a kid develop a faith of their own through the student years, I don’t think you can afford NOT to have some sort of camp experience. (33:30)

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