If you’re a ministry leader or a youth pastor, there are a lot of responsibilities and expectations on your shoulders from week to week. And in the midst of it all, it can be easy to think you have to be the “rockstar” of your ministry to get it all done. This week, join youth leaders for a conversation about what’s wrong with the “rockstar student pastor” mentality and how shifting that mindset can be beneficial for your ministry now and in the future.



A rockstar student pastor mentality is when the ministry is built around a personality. (4:00)

It’s easy to build a tribe around a person who people think are awesome. But then the whole ministry is built around that person. (5:00)

You don’t have to have a specific type of personality to be an effective student pastor. (11:00)

What’s leading youth pastors into this rockstar mentality? (13:00)

“Make sure you are not asking your students to ask you into their hearts.” (20:30)

The way to build a strong student ministry that lasts long after you are gone is to build it around your small groups and volunteers. (29:00)

As a student pastor, ask yourself: “Do I value my small groups leaders more than I value my role as the student pastor?” (37:00)

Is the brand of your student ministry you, or is it something that God is doing there? (38:00)

There is so much value in giving your ministry away. (44:00)

When people you’ve personally invested in go out and get bigger opportunities than you, smile, be proud of them, and know that you are a better leader for it. (45:00)

Your ministry doesn’t need a rockstar; it needs a leader. (48:00)


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