Planning and leading a mission trip for students in your youth group is no small task. From picking a destination to booking airline tickets to training the team, it can get overwhelming in a hurry. This week, join Elloa Davis, Charlie Conder, Ashley Bohinc, and CJ Palmer for a conversation about how you can make the most of your student mission trips—from the moment you begin the preparation process through your return home—while easing the burden on you and your ministry.



Oftentimes, mission trips get put on the back burner because of the amount of work it takes for them to go well. (4:30)

You’ll have more quality time on a one-week mission trip with your students than you will all the years they’re in your ministry combined. (5:00)

There are ways to get all your students involved, even if only 15 are actually traveling. (6:00)

Short-term missions can be really impactful when a relationship is already established on the ground where you are serving. (9:00)

One of the greatest ways to help students develop empathy is to get them out of their comfort zones. (11:00)

Going on a mission trip might be the first time a teenager realizes there is something that is not beautiful about themselves. (11:30)

It’s one thing to walk into another culture and see their poverty. It’s another thing when you try to name your own. (11:45)

It’s not the trip that changes you. It’s the experience with God on the trip that changes you. (12:00)

In our efforts to help, sometimes I think we end up hurting instead. (17:00)

When it comes to short-term missions, there’s a difference between having a “trip mindset” and a “partner mindset.” (20:00)

Youth Pastors – cue your communicators to talk about serving experiences and stories throughout the year. (27:00)


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