Whether you’re brand new to youth ministry or been in the trenches for years, establishing a plan for longevity is important—for you and the youth ministry you lead. But what does that plan for longevity look like? This week, ministry leaders are joined by Kurt Johnston, Pastor to Students at Saddleback Church, for a conversation on how youth workers can best set themselves up for effective long-term ministry.



What’s the number one thing you wish you would have known on your first day as a youth pastor? (4:30)

Pay attention to yourself and learn about yourself as you go. (5:00)

When we build our ministries around ourselves, we will either cap the potential of our ministries or set ourselves up for burnout. (9:00)

Many people don’t last in ministry because they don’t have the necessary organizational intelligence. (12:00)

You last by refusing to quit. (15:00)

Student ministry is the best way to prepare to lead a church. (21:30)

What are the wins at your church? (24:00)

One of the keys to longevity in youth ministry is having a long view of the trajectory that you’re on. (26:00)

How can a youth pastor set themselves up for effective long-term ministry? (31:00)

Know Jesus. Know yourself. Know your church. (31:00)

To the young leader: Give yourself grace and room to mess up. (34:00)


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