Creating structure that supports the strategy of your youth ministry is key to overall ministry health and growth. But what should that structure look like? And how do you know if you have the wrong structure in place? On this episode, join Kurt Johnston, Pastor to Students at Saddleback Church, for a conversation with ministry leaders about the importance of structure and what you can do to create and implement structure that aligns with the overall strategy of your ministry.

Structure should follow strategy. (4:00)

First, you need to define the purpose for your ministry, and then structure the ministry accordingly. (4:45)

Growth is a natural byproduct of the purpose, strategy, and structure of your ministry. (5:15)

What are some of the consequences of poor ministry structures? (8:00)

Structure your ministry for growth. (14:00)

Great, healthy, growing ministries are not 100% better than every other ministry. They are 1% better in 100 different ways. (17:00)

Creativity is innovation applied to a problem. (20:00)

Systems will kill your youth ministry if it’s all about the systems. (21:00)

An awesome youth ministry does not happen without structure. (23:00)

What are some tangible steps that someone who is beginning to build a structure can take? (25:00)

Find a mentor who is further down the road than you. (25:00)

You can’t live without structure in your ministry, but don’t let it kill you. (30:00)

Be careful not to kill growth through over-structure. (30:00)

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