Partnering with local schools as a youth leader or ministry leader sounds impossible. After all, public schools and religion don’t mix, right? While partnering with local schools can be challenging, it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, it can actually be done really well when we approach it the right way. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about what it looks like to effectively partner with and serve our local schools—and the effect it might have on our ministries.


Is it possible to partner with local schools? (6:00)

There’s a huge difference between going into a local school and serving the local school. (10:00)

As a church leader, you should be at the local school to serve. (11:00)

The way you behave while in a local school will pave the way for any future partnership that school will have with other churches, too. (17:00)

The most common influencers in the life of a teenager, aside from their parents, are their teachers and coaches. (24:00)

By serving your local schools, you can go from being a youth pastor to being a community organizer. (26:00)

“I have gotten more time with parents as a coach than I ever have as a youth leader.” – Stuart Hall (32:00)

Every time you show up, you earn trust from your students. (33:00)

If you’re not serving in a local school, it’s a missed opportunity for your ministry. (35:00)

Start by sitting down with the teachers and administrators in your congregation. (43:00)


Book: It’s Just A Phase by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy

Resource: The No C’ Campaign

Plus, check out Sam Collier’s NEW BOOK: Find Your Voice: Capturing the Power of Influence to Live a Greater Story


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