We all have programs and events that our students and volunteers love and might be working well. But what happens when that program doesn’t exactly align with the vision of your ministry? Or when you can’t name the reason behind having the event in the first place? On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about why you should kill something that’s working and how you can replace it with something that better aligns with the purpose and vision of your youth ministry.


Good things keep us from great things. (1:30)

If you’ve lost the reason why you’re doing a program or event or you know your reason but you aren’t measuring it, it’s time to kill it. (3:00)

Anytime there is a shift in vision or strategy, you need to ask why it aligns or does not align with the new direction. (3:30)

Ask: “Whose needs are we serving best?” (4:30)

We need to be able to articulate our goal as a ministry to know if something is beneficial or not. (9:30)

Decide early on what the values of your ministry are. (11:30)

What keeps us from killing something that’s working? (17:00)

Ask yourself: “Can I tweak this event to align with our vision?” and, “Who do I need to talk to about killing this?” Set a date to kill it to hold yourself accountable. (20:30)

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