Great worship experiences in youth ministry rarely just happen. With so many distractions and opportunities for disengagement, setting up your students to worship in an engaging and meaningful way can be a real challenge. On this episode, join ministry leaders and worship leaders as they discuss leading middle schoolers and high schoolers in developmentally appropriate ways, creating a culture of worship for your students, and what it takes to set up worship in your youth ministry to win.


What is the difference between worshipping with students and worshipping with adults? (4:00)

When leading middle schoolers in worship, remember to use concrete language and give examples of what the words they are singing mean to them. (5:00)

Connect the dots of what they’re singing and how it applies to their life. (6:00)

Teach students what the lyrics of a song means before you actually sing it. (7:00)

By teaching them what the songs they are singing mean, you are building a culture of worship early on. (8:00)

High schoolers want something that is authentic, and when they see an adult modeling worship in an authentic way, they want to be part of that, too. (17:00)

When a teenager stands in front of their peers to lead in any capacity, their peers are more likely to engage. (17:30)

Ask your students which songs they want to sing in your ministry, and then sing them. (24:00)

Help eliminate distractions during worship through your transitions. Then your students will be more likely to be engaged during the experience of worship. (26:30)

When two or three people are willing to fully engage in worship, it gives everyone else in the room permission to fully engage as well. (36:00)

Where do you go to find out the latest worship leader uniform? (38:00)


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