Every church will experience seasons of transition in leadership, vision, or direction at one point or another. And these seasons of change can having a lasting impact on the students we lead. So what does it look like to lead our youth ministries well through these transitions? On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about leading through transition, honoring everyone involved through the process, and serving the students in your ministry throughout it all.


How do you lead when you are navigating transition in your church? (2:00)

It can be easy to be hurt or let down during periods of transition. (4:00)

It’s important to remember that transitions in the church have a huge impact on students. (6:30)

Transitions have the potential to erode trust with your students. (9:30)

There’s a difference between what you’re responsible FOR and what you’re responsible WITH. (14:10)

How do you balance honoring your leadership and being honest during periods of transition? (15:00)

When communicating information about a transition in your church, try to surprise as few people as possible. (22:00)

What do you do when you can’t share information about a transition in your church? (24:00)

During times of transition, don’t forget who you follow. (27:00)

While you want to be transparent and honest, you must discern what information to share with your students. (28:00)

As the ministry leader, have a safe place to talk openly about the situation that is completely disconnected from the situation. (29:00)

How do you take care of yourself during a period of transition? (30:00)

It’s not until you fully process a situation that you can experience healing. (37:00)


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