Raising up student leaders in your youth ministry is no small task. In fact, it requires a lot more time, energy, and planning than you might think you have time for. However, it’s actually one of the biggest investments you’ll make—not only in your youth ministry, but also in the next generation. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation all about identifying, training, and empowering students in your ministry to become the leaders and influencers they have the potential to be.


What is a student leader? (3:00)

Your students have already started choosing who the leaders in your youth ministry are. (6:30)

The biggest influencer in your ministry can be the student you least expect it to be. (8:00)

Leadership isn’t a position, it’s a choice. (10:00)

We need to redefine potential when it comes to being a leader. (11:00)

We’re missing opportunities to raise leaders up because we’re too focused on our programs rather than on our people. (12:30)

If we’re not careful, we’ll be preparing students to live in a world that no longer exists. (18:00)

This generation is more aware of wanting to create impact and have influence than any other generation before them. (20:00)

When it comes to middle school student leaders, it’s all about the “pack” of leaders, instead of the individual. (22:00)

How do you help a middle school student understand the abstract concept of influence? (23:00)

Middle schoolers still really believe they can change the world. (24:00)

If you want student leaders, you’re going to have to give ministry away. (27:00)

Find specific moments within your programming to allow students to lead. (29:00)

Identify leaders, train leaders, and then commit to empowering leaders. (30:00)

Our goal to is to help students become adults who understand that people’s souls matter. (32:30)

What is INFLUNSR? (37:00)


Check out INFLUNSR! INFLUNSR is a interactive experience intended to fuel the next generation of student leaders. To learn more about INFLUNSR, click the image below.


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