As a youth worker and ministry leader, you have countless tasks, responsibilities, and projects that need to get done each week in your youth ministry. The bad news? You’re just one person. The good news? Your high capacity volunteers can help! This week, join ministry leaders for a conversation about identifying high capacity volunteers, inspiring volunteers to do more, and hiring “volunteer staff” without paying them.


Is it possible to hire people for your team without paying them? (3:00)

Identify what your team is not getting done well, and think about how a volunteer could do those things. (5:30)

The more responsibility you give volunteers, the more significant they will feel in your ministry. (10:00)

You will grow when you feel purpose working in the body of Christ. (11:45)

Invest in your volunteers to communicate in front of students. (17:00)

There’s a big difference between showing up to volunteer and belonging to a volunteer team. (20:00)

How do you keep volunteers motivated to keep investing in your ministry even when you’re not paying them? (22:00)

You can pay people with experience and by giving them new opportunities to lead. (24:00)

Volunteers will stay around when there are authentic relationships. (26:30)

Your culture is the magnet for attracting volunteers. (27:00)


Book: The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting, Start Retaining by Darren Kizer, Christine Kreisher, Steph Whitacre

Book: The Ideal Team Player by Patrick M. Lencioni

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