If there’s one thing all ministry leaders and youth workers can agree on, it’s this: We never quite have everything we wish we could in our youth ministry budgets. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about building a killer youth ministry environment, investing the budget you do have in the right things, and leveraging resources and connections for your ministry—all on a limited budget.


We never quite have everything we wish we could in our youth ministry budgets. (2:00)

What tensions are youth leaders feeling when it comes to budget? (2:30)

In youth ministry, first impressions are everything. (5:45)

Are you creating an environment that your volunteers want to pour themselves into? (6:45)

Students don’t come back because of lights or a sound system; they come back because of relationships. (9:00)

The culture created in your youth ministry is priceless. (14:00)

What has been worth spending money on in your youth ministry? (14:45)

Budget more to invest in your leaders so that they can be better equipped to do what they can do. (15:00)

Invest more in events and experiences that students are going to remember. (16:00)

What can you do to stretch your budget a little further? (23:00)

Know your people. Tap into your students and families and give them the opportunity to contribute. (23:30)

Never be afraid to ask, but be someone people can say no to easily. (25:00)

Invite people in your church to partner with your youth ministry. (26:00)

Partner with other youth ministries in your community to save money, network, and establish relationships. (29:00)

Partner with other ministries within your church. (30:30)

What are some fundraiser hacks for your youth ministry? (32:00)

Create Amazon wish lists and share them with your leadership and your congregation. (39:00)

One of the greatest ways to get your budget raised is to cast vision. (41:30)

Don’t be discouraged by what you don’t have; maximize what you do have. (45:30)


Book: Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids by Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark

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