If you work with students, you know that bullying is an issue many of them are facing. In fact, recent studies reveal that 1 in 3 students experience bullying at some point in middle school or high school. So what does that mean for us as youth leaders? This week, join ministry leaders and Mitch Young, Principal of Forsyth Central High School in Georgia, for a conversation about bullying and ways we can be proactive about it in the lives of our students.


What does bullying look like with middle schoolers and with high schoolers? (5:00)

We need to shift our focus from the bully to the students who are being bullied. (12:00)

There is more social bullying that occurs in middle school because they all lack self-awareness. (17:00)

The lack of self-awareness and the need to fit in is the perfect storm when it comes to bullying in middle school. (17:30)

There is a connection between bullying and middle school suicides. (19:30)

Bullying can also be part of the equation when it comes to school shootings. (21:00)

As leaders, how do we identify students who are dealing with bullying before it escalates to a bigger issue? (21:30)

Bullying begins with disconnection. (25:00)

You have to know your students well enough to notice when something shifts in them. (25:15)

If we can look for disconnection in our students, we’re able to identify the root of a lot of different issues. (26:45)

If disconnection is the issue, having a small group and an adult leader in their lives can be something really powerful. (27:00)

How can we get everyone working together for our teenagers in our communities for our teenagers? (28:00)

The topic of bullying can be the perfect opportunity for youth pastors to partner with local schools. (33:00)

Parents: How are you investigating the ways your kids are using technology? (35:00)

One of the greatest gifts we can give our teenagers is to help them identify when someone is not treating them the way they should be treated. (42:00)

We have to let our teenagers know they aren’t alone and that there is an all-powerful God who loves them. (44:00)

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