The end of summer marks the end of mission trip season for most youth ministries. But guess what? It’s time to start thinking about NEXT year’s trips! (Insert shocked face emoji here.) But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This week, join Brett Talley, Ashley Bohinc, and Erica Schimelpfenig, Executive Director of YouthWorks, for a conversation about what you can do NOW for your 2019 student mission trips—and how you can leverage momentum from this year’s trips to make next year’s even better.


When it comes to mission trips, what should youth leaders be doing now to prepare for their trip? (5:00)

Preparation for a trip is crucial not only for the youth leader, but for the students, too. (6:00)

There are so many rich aspects of a community that are important for students and leaders to understand before going a mission trip. (6:00)

When students understand the culture of the place they’ll be serving at before they go on the trip, chances are they’ll gain more from the experience. (6:45)

Pro Tip: Get the dates of your mission trip in front of parents as soon as possible. (10:00)

If you’re planning an international trip, start preparing 12 months in advance. (11:00)

If you’re planning a domestic trip, start preparing 9 months in advance. (11:00)

Prepare questions to help students process their experience throughout the trip. (13:00)

It’s important to help your students not just be in the experience, but process the experience. (14:00)

How will you engage your students to stay involved in what they’ve experienced on the trip once they return home? (15:00)

Stretch out your preparation process for your mission trip over 12 months instead of cramming it into 2 months. (16:00)

You lose momentum when you allow the ball to be dropped. (17:00)

Leverage the momentum created from this year’s mission trip to help you launch next year’s mission trip season. (17:45)

Align with the rest of your church’s outreach strategy when planning your youth ministry’s mission trip. (18:30)

Using organizations like YouthWorks to help plan your mission trips will let you as the ministry leader do what only you can do. (20:00)

Something happens when a teenager gets to serve alongside their youth pastor. It’s a shared experience that you can’t recreate. (22:00)

If you’re not planning your own mission trip, find an organization that you can partner with. (23:00)

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