Sometimes working in youth ministry can feel a little bit like working on an island—as if no one else in your church knows or cares about what’s going on in your ministry. This can be particularly frustrating if the person not caring is your senior leader. This week, join ministry leaders as they have a conversation with Clay Scroggins, Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church, about what it looks like to reengage and reconnect your senior leadership to what’s happening in your youth ministry.


What advice would you give youth pastors who feel like their senior leaders don’t care? (4:45)

You’re going to have a leader who is either more apathetic or more aggressive. (8:30)

How are you measuring how much your senior leader cares? (11:45)

There’s no such thing as the perfect leader. (12:15)

The more authority you have, the more complicated your job is. (15:00)

Approach your senior leader with the mindset that their job is harder than you think. (18:00)

The heart of leadership is influence. (19:00)

People want to work for people who leverage their influence, not their authority. (20:00)

When you lead with influence and not authority, you become someone who people want to follow. (21:00)

What are you doing today that’s cultivating influence? (25:00)

Most people don’t have enough courage to ask for feedback or to give feedback. (27:00)

Whether your senior leader is paying too much attention to your ministry or isn’t paying enough attention to your ministry, there’s a lot you can learn right now. (36:00)


Book: How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge by Clay Scroggins

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