We all have programs and events that our students and volunteers love and might be working well. But what happens when that program doesn’t exactly align with the vision of your ministry? Or when you can’t name the reason behind having the event in the first place? On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about why you should kill something that’s working and how you can replace it with something that better aligns with the purpose and vision of your youth ministry.


Who is the unengaged student and what do they look like? (3:00)

Engaged students grow. (3:30)

The most disengaged students are the ones we need to reach the most. (4:00)

An unengaged student can be present, but not engaged in what’s happening. (5:00)

What causes students to disengage? (7:30)

Sometimes students don’t engage because they don’t know how to engage. (8:00)

A disengaged student is one who is no longer choosing to take steps in their relationship with Jesus. (9:00)

Attendance does not equal engagement. (10:00)

There is a difference between a student being engaged in their faith and being engaged in your program. (10:30)

Ask yourself, “What are we doing this week during our programming that students will be talking about tomorrow?” (15:30)

If you want students to engage with your program, you need to engage with them outside of your program. (16:00)

If you want students to engage with you when you’re on stage, you need to engage with them when you’re not on stage. (16:00)

Check in with parents and students when students seem disengaged to cue them to reengage. (23:00)

Engage your students through casting vision and by giving them opportunities to serve. (26:00)

How do you engage disengaged students? (28:00)


Resource: Green Yellow Red System And Student Engagement Plan – This resource is available through Jamey exclusively. Reach out to him on Instagram for a link to this downloadable resource!

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