Every phase in a student’s life presents unique opportunities, and the preteen phase is no exception. It’s in this phase where students aren’t really considered little kids anymore, but also aren’t quite middle schoolers yet. In other words, they’re caught in between two phases. On this episode, join Ashley Bohinc, Crystal Chiang, Dan Scott, and Sarah Anderson as they discuss what to do about students “caught in between” and why we should prioritize preteen ministry in our churches.


What’s the difference between a preteen ministry and a middle school ministry? (10:30)

The preteen phase is when students realize there’s brokenness in the world. (12:30)

Middle school ministry is when students start to realize there is brokenness in them. (13:00)

Most children’s ministries are not built around questions. They’re built around statements. (14:00)

The bridge into middle school ministry is just as important as the bridge out of middle school ministry. (16:30)

Don’t let kids wait until adulthood to wrestle with tough questions. (20:00)

Preteens need a place where they can think critically about concepts that adults now take for granted. (20:00)

It’s not about your answer; it’s about their process. (20:45)

Create a unique environment for your preteens as soon as possible. (24:00)

Create milestone events and experiences that preteens get to be part of only in preteen ministry. (30:00)


Book: Caught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out by Dan Scott

Resource: 252 Kids Curriculum (FREE TRIAL)

Resource: About 252 Preteen (included in 252 Kids Curriculum)

Resource: XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School Curriculum (FREE TRIAL)

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