There are all different kinds of parents in youth ministry: helicopter parents, parents who don’t even know their kid attends church, and everything in-between. But no matter where your students’ parents land, there are things every youth leader can do to support parents through the middle school and high school phases. This week, join ministry leaders for a conversation about what it looks like to partner with parents in a way that builds more parent buy-in for your youth ministry.


  • How do we measure parent buy-in in youth ministry? (2:00)
  • What are we trying to help parents buy in to? (3:30)
  • Middle school is the time culturally when parents begin to step back. (5:00)
  • Every parent should have the contact information of the adult who is relationally connected to their kid. (8:00)
  • Parents are more important than you think. (12:30)
  • Parents do what we want to do better than we ever can. (15:30)
  • Partner a student event with a parent event. (16:00)
  • Parents need to know that their are other adults who actually like their kid. (24:00)
  • Youth workers often get moments with teenagers that their parents are jealous of. (25:30)
  • Quantity time leads to quality time. (27:30)
  • As a youth worker, be tangibly helpful and empathetic to parents in their everyday world. (29:00)
  • How do you partner with parents when you are not a parent yourself? (30:00)
  • If you’re a young youth worker, you’re in this because you love teenagers. Remember that you have a valuable role to play for parents as they parent their teenager. (33:00)
  • The work that you do with a teenager has tremendous impact on the life of a teenager and how a parent views the church. (38:00)


Book: It’s Just A Phase by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy

Book: Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof

Resource: The Phase Project / Phase Guides

Resource: Parent Cue App

Resource: Parent Cue Podcast

Resource: Weekly

Resource Event: Orange Tour

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