When second semester of senior year rolls around, most seniors start quitting things as the end of high school approaches. Some quit certain classes, some quit certain friendships, and some even quit church. On this episode, join Gerald Fadayomi, Marquise Cox, Crystal Chiang, and Sarah Anderson for a conversation on what youth workers can do to help second-semester seniors win—and not quit—as they prepare for graduation and the next chapter in their lives.


  • What’s the problem with second-semester seniors? (3:00)
  • Second semester is when seniors start quitting everything. (3:45)
  • 70% of young adults stop going to church after graduating high school. (6:00)
  • Senior Sunday for us as leaders feels like a celebration, but to students it feels like a divorce. (7:30)
  • Graduation is not the finish line. (10:00)
  • What can youth pastors do for their second semester seniors? (15:00)
  • Have your second-semester seniors help lead weekly programming through hosting, leading worship, or leading another component of your service. (16:00)
  • “The Big Three” for seniors as they graduate high school: Having a sound theology, true ownership of their faith, and finding authentic community. (20:00)
  • Parents also experience similar feelings that their kid does as they go through their senior year. (30:00)
  • Students will always call the person they know will show up for them, even when the student doesn’t show up. (32:00)
  • Never ask high school seniors if they are coming to church on Sunday. Instead, tell them you will see them there. (34:00)
  • Engage the adults of your church to invest in your seniors during their second-semester and beyond. (36:00)
  • Have your senior small groups attend main service together as a group, so they can begin to feel part of the church as an adult. (40:00)
  • What does your youth ministry have planned specifically for seniors during second semester? (42:00)


Book: Before You Go by Gerald Fadayomi

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