“When are you going to be a real pastor?” “If you just teach Sunday School, what else do you do during the week?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” If you’re a youth pastor, you’ve probably been asked these questions before—or maybe you’re asking them yourself. How do you answer these questions? This week, join us as we talk about combating misconceptions in youth ministry, building personal confidence, and addressing the lies we tell ourselves about being a youth worker.


  • “When are you going to be a real pastor?” (3:50)
  • It’s one thing to be a youth pastor. It’s another thing to be a middle school pastor because it feels like a step down. (5:45)
  • Being cool and relevant aren’t the same thing. (8:30)
  • Young people are going to connect best with the oldest person in the room that takes them seriously. (9:00)
  • It’s not about the size of our youth ministry, it’s about the quality of youth ministry that we’re offering. (10:00)
  • People assume you don’t want to stay in youth ministry forever. (14:00)
  • With all callings you have to have an open hand. (15:30)
  • Give your all where you’re at. (24:00)
  • How you feel on a weekly basis is not the determining factor on the amount of influence you’re having on students long-term. (28:00)
  • There’s a difference between what you’re responsible with and what you’re responsible for. (30:00)
  • Your confidence has to come from within, not from the outside. (31:00)
  • As youth pastors, we have the opportunity to influence and shape the people our students will become. (34:00)
  • What can we do to adjust the misconceptions about what we actually do? (35:00)


Resource – Rethinking Youth Ministry Women’s Network

Resource – XP3 Partner Group 

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