We all know that attendance numbers can fluctuate in youth ministry from week to week. But over time, we all hope to see attendance trending UP. But what do you do when numbers aren’t going up—when they’re plateauing or even going DOWN? In this episode, join local ministry leaders as they talk about how to identify a real attendance plateau, how to track important data in your ministry, and how knowing these key components can help set up your ministry for growth going forward.



  • Don’t assume you’ve plateaued until you’ve tracked your attendance for over a year. (5:30)
  • What is the difference between plateauing numbers and consistent numbers? (6:30)
  • After two years of introducing a new event, it’s time to evaluate if it’s going to be part of your ministry’s DNA or not. (13:30)
  • Ask: “What are we offering that’s valuable to our students?” (17:00)
  • If your numbers are decreasing, think about how you may be over-programming. (20:30)
  • Offer a parent event and a student event at the same time to get both in the doors of your church. (22:00)
  • I don’t think enough youth workers take advantage of the data available to them. (23:00)
  • You don’t need a fancy way to keep track of your attendance. (25:00)
  • Learn how to ask the right questions around your data. (25:15)
  • Connect with students who haven’t been back to your ministry over social media. (29:00)
  • What do you do to fix the plateau once it’s happened? (29:00)
  • Discipleship takes time, and when it’s done correctly, multiplication will happen. (30:00)
  • Small Group Leaders are the heartbeat of keeping students in your ministry consistently. (31:00)
  • Know your students names to reinforce longevity in your ministry. (33:00)
  • What gets rewarded gets repeated. (36:00)

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