Being a bivocational youth ministry worker has its own unique challenges. Embracing those challenges can help you maximize your influence on the students you are serving. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation on navigating the obstacles that you may face being a bivocational youth ministry worker, and how you can find success influencing the next generation simultaneously.


  • A bivocational youth ministry leader is someone who works at a church and also has another job. (2:00)
  • The average youth worker salary in the United States is $38,000. (2:45)
  • There is an obstacle of credibility and ownership for bivocational youth workers. (9:30)
  • Biovocational youth ministry workers: Ask yourself “How can I maximize what I do with the limited time that I have?” (12:45)
  • You feel as if you are not a “real youth pastor.” (15:00)
  • For someone who is wrestling with the value they bring to a ministry and they are bivocational, some of those feelings might be alleviated if the church and their leadership are communicating the value they bring to the table. (18:00)
  • There is a pressure to create things that no one else has done before. (32:30)
  • How do you define success as a youth ministry leader? (33:45)
  • Success is not being on the stage every week. (35:00)
  • Success for any youth worker is having influence on the faith of the next generation. (36:00)
  • As a bivocational youth worker, invite other people to be part of influencing the next generation alongside you. (37:30)
  • You’re not expected to take it all on yourself. (38:00)
  • No one was meant to do ministry alone. (40:00)


Resource: XP3 Partners Facebook group

Resource: Rethinking Youth Ministry Women’s Network 

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