No one likes to have the money conversation. And as youth workers, we know that we’re not paid what we’re worth in ministry, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be compensated appropriately for the work that we do. On this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation all about asking for a raise: the best time to ask, what you should take into consideration when preparing to ask, and how to start the conversation with your leadership.


  • What makes us so uncomfortable when it comes to talking to about money in ministry? (6:00)
  • The truth is none of us are paid what we’re worth in ministry. (6:15)
  • We are here for more than salary, but we have to exist. (6:30)
  • If you’re in ministry, you have made the decision to take less in pay for more in purpose. (7:00)
  • Sometimes, the question is not more money, but some money. (7:15)
  • As a female, a lot of times you approach the conversation with the mindset of “I am so grateful to be here.” (9:00)
  • What’s important to remember when you ask for a raise? (12:30)
  • The best time to ask for a raise is before you say yes to the job. (16:45)
  • In our culture, we associate value with money. (22:30)
  • It’s always different when a male asks for a raise than when a female asks for a raise. (23:45)
  • In ministry, talking about how much you are paid is a way to lose influence. (32:00)
  • Lead with questions about your future when you start a conversation about a raise. (34:00)
  • When you are asking for a raise, be prepared to answer the question “how much more?” (36:00)
  • The Church runs responsible people into the ground by paying them with purpose and not with cash value. (37:30)
  • Get a financial planner. (53:00)
  • Make sure you are giving financially. (53:20)


Article: The Full-Time Youth Pastor Compensation Survey for 2017

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