Most students are on social media every day, which means we should be there too, right? Maybe. On this episode, join some of the Orange Students team as they discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having your youth ministry on social media. Through their conversation, you’ll find out what your youth ministry should—and shouldn’t—be doing on social media and what it could look like for you to start engaging students in a digital world this week.


  • If your students are on social media, you should be too. (10:00)
  • Determine who your primary audience on social media is and who else will be looking at it. (14:30)
  • Figure out what social platforms your students are on. (18:00)
  • You don’t have to be the one to run your social media account. (20:30)
  • We’re not just moving toward a digital world—we are a digital world. (22:00)
  • Social media is a place to invite students to feel connected before they even show up at church. (23:00)
  • By showing up on social media, you are showing up in your students’ world. (25:00)
  • What are students looking for on social media? (32:00)
  • Find ways to ask questions and gather feedback on your posts. (36:00)
  • If a student comes up to you and talks about something they saw on your ministry’s social media this week, that’s a win. (37:00)
  • Don’t measure your ministry’s success on social media by the number of followers you have. (38:00)
  • If your ministry is about people, then people should be represented in your social media too. (40:30)
  • Where are your students and who is your audience? (50:00)
  • From the research we did, we found that most students are on Instagram. (50:30)
  • What’s one thing you can do to up your social media game this week? (51:30)
  • Reach out to 2 or 3 students or volunteers and ask them what could be better about your social media. (53:30)

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