Showing up for students outside of youth group can seem like an overwhelming task for your Small Group Leaders. But the truth is, when we show up in students lives when we don’t have to—when we show up randomly—it can have a huge impact. On this episode, join some of the Orange Students team for a conversation with youth pastor Katie Matsumoto about coaching SGLs to show up randomly and the potential impact it can have in our students’ lives.


  • Why is it important to show up in students’ lives randomly? (1:30)
  • Students are good at figuring out what adults have to do and what they don’t have to do. (2:00)
  • “Youth ministry is soil prep and planting seeds.” (2:15)
  • “For students, a digital connection is no less personal than an in-person connection.” (9:00)
  • “Pro tip: Invite a student to attend another student’s event with you.” (13:30)
  • How do we as ministry leaders communicate how important it is to show up randomly to our Small Group Leaders? (14:30)
  • “Showing up randomly is showing up when you don’t have to.” (16:30)
  • “Consistency builds relationships with middle schoolers.” (28:30)
  • “Feeling known and seen individually builds relationships with high schoolers.” (28:30)


Book: Lead Small by Reggie Joiner

Resource: National Youth Workers’ Convention

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