Is a small groups model better than a Sunday school model? And should your church really consider a shift from Sunday school to small groups? This week, join some of the Orange students team for a candid conversation all about the benefits and drawbacks of both Sunday school and small group strategies, and how to tell whether or not it’s time for your ministry to make a shift.



  • When you think of Sunday School, what do you think of? (3:00)
  • Is there a different need to be met now from the original need for Sunday School? (8:45)
  • It all comes down to strategy. (18:30)
  • You can have a small groups strategy with Sunday school characteristics. (20:00)
  • Regardless of what you call it, the desired outcomes of Sunday school and small groups are the same for leaders and students. (20:00)
  • The only way to know a teenager is to actually know them. (24:30)
  • If a student remembers how you made them feel, there’s a much better chance they’ll remember what you taught them. (30:00)
  • Good ministry is messy. Shef (33:45)




Resource: The Orange Conference 

Resource: XP3 Partners Facebook group 

Resource: Rethinking Youth Ministry Women’s Network 

Resource: The Phase Project 

Book: Lead Small

Book: Creating a Lead Small Culture 

Resource: Sample Small Group Guide 


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