It’s no secret that parents and teenagers don’t always see eye to eye. Yet, as ministry leaders, we know just how important it is for parents and teenagers to connect throughout the middle school and high school years. This week, join the Orange Students team for a conversation with Dr. Kara Powell on what youth leaders can do to help parents and teens connect about life and faith at home, and how your church can be a place that helps families grow WITH one other—instead of growing apart.


  • Parents matter so much in a student’s faith journey. (3:00)
  • We want the Church to be the safe place for parents to go to. (8:30)
  • We want the Church to be a place that grows with families. (10:00)
  • Faith isn’t static, it’s a process. (21:00)
  • Ask your teenagers: “What is something you believe about life or God that you think I don’t? And what is something you no longer believe about life or God that you think I still do?” (22:30)
  • Communicate to the parents of your ministry that their kid’s faith is evolving and will continue to change. (23:30)
  • According to statistics, a parent’s relationship tends to improve after they turn 18. (35:00)
  • The best gift we can give a kid is to help their parent be a better parent. (38:00)


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