In the unrelenting pace of youth ministry, it’s easy to slip into an, “I’ve got this. How hard can it be to talk to someone of the opposite gender?” mentality. But there ARE differences, and those differences are important to consider if we want the things we communicate from stage to land with both guys AND girls every week. In this episode, join ministry leaders for a conversation about the best ways to connect and engage with students of the opposite gender and the importance of having equal representation on your youth ministry team.


  • Serving co-ed small groups and what you need to know (2:42)
  • Why gender-specific small groups are important and at what age you should start them (3:26)
  • Women leaders should stop apologizing for the way they’re wired (5:55)
  • How to encourage women to be leaders (9:27)
  • What men in leadership can do to help support women in cultivating their leadership skills (13:15)
  • Policies you can put in place to ensure there is more balance on your leadership team (14:50)
  • Be a student of the opposite gender (17:46)
  • The filters we need to have in place to be better communicators (20:29)
  • Recognizing stereotypes and blind spots in your language (22:41)
  • The power of inviting feedback, having support, and being vulnerable in your journey to honing your leadership skills (26:18)
  • The thing every student you lead wants from you is to know you love them and you love God (31:14)


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