For many of us in youth ministry, mission trips are a part of our yearly rhythm. And while these trips seem life-changing on the surface, are they really all they’re cracked up to be? This week, we’re joined by Henok Berhanu, founder and CEO of Carry 117 and host to dozens of mission teams every year in Ethiopia. Together, we discuss the biggest mistake student mission teams make, the importance of cultural awareness, and why relationship building can be even more impactful than financial giving.


  • Henok Berhanu talks about his work with Carry 117 (1:25)
  • We can maximize our impact on mission trips when we have conversations about cultural awareness and the true intention of the trip (6:11)
  • How to create a great mission trip experience while serving others in an authentic way (7:02)
  • Relationships matter more than funding (10:39)
  • The common mistakes Americans make when traveling on a mission trip (14:41)
  • The importance of cultural awareness (20:17)
  • Focusing too much on team building can be a mistake detrimental to the entire trip (21:57)
  • Avoiding big mistakes while on a student mission trip (27:50)
  • Engaging with those you’re serving in a fun way can help create a better relationship and overall experience (40:18)


Website: Carry 117

Website: YouthWorks

Website: Champions United FC

Website: The 410 Bridge

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