Science and faith. For many students, these two categories seem incompatible. But are science and faith really as disconnected as our students might be led to believe? Let’s face it—these days, students are asking some pretty complex questions about the way science fits into our faith and vice versa. This week, join us for a transparent conversation all about the best ways to talk about science and faith in youth ministry—even when you don’t have all the answers.


  • Why there is a growing tension between students and the church these days (1:40)
  • The tension for youth leaders is we don’t have all the answers for our students when it comes to faith and science (5:00)
  • The existence of God is a question (11:48)
  • What questions students are asking now versus the ones they were asking 20 years ago (13:22)
  • How to answer students’ questions about science and faith (16:17)
  • We boost our credibility with students when we acknowledge other views (18:18)
  • Most students are really asking, “Can I believe this and still have faith in Jesus?” (20:25)
  • If we want to navigate science and faith with students, we have to change our approach, but not our theology (30:32)
  • How questions of science and faith affect students graduating high school (35:59)


Resource: XP3 Middle School (New science and faith series At Odds coming June 1!)

Resource: XP3 High School (New science and faith series Worlds Apart coming June 1!)

Book: Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox

Video: Everything is Spiritual

Book: Irresistible by Andy Stanley

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