Your youth ministry environment is communicating something—whether you’re intentional about it or not. The question is, what is it communicating? As students walk through your ministry’s doors each week, is the environment saying what you want it to? This week on the podcast, join us for a conversation about the impact an environment can have on a student’s sense of belonging and the growth of their faith, and how you can create a great environment on ANY budget.


  • The definition of what an environment is (4:21)
  • The importance of the prelude or pre-service environment to students (6:25)
  • What every student asks upon entering a church environment (8:22)
  • Thinking through the eyes of the students (9:23)
  • The basic steps of turning your current space into an environment where students feel welcomed (12:33)
  • When a student walks through your space, they’re making judgements about how the church feels about them and, ultimately, how
  • God feels about them (16:42)
  • What elements go into creating an environment (17:30)
  • The power of lighting to a space (19:50)
  • How churches can get creative with very little budget (21:05)
  • Why environment influences the bigger picture of your students’ faith (24:30)
  • How to prioritize the environment of your youth space (29:31)
  • Ideas on how to create an intentional environment (35:11)

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