There’s often an underlying tension between children’s ministries and youth ministries—or between children’s pastors and youth pastors—in the church. But why? What’s causing the tension and what’s keeping these two ministries from working together efficiently. On this episode, join children’s ministry leaders and youth ministry leaders as they discuss what every children’s pastor wishes their youth pastor knew (and vice versa) and share how the two ministries can begin working better together.


  • When the focus is on resources (or lack thereof) instead of the kids, it’s difficult for children’s pastors and youth pastors to be on common ground (5:48)
  • Why silos hurt the team (6:43)
  • Expectations are the common points of tension and misunderstanding (7:41)
  • How your church’s youth ministry can earn the trust of the children’s ministry (9:30)
  • The importance of meeting regularly with your entire youth ministry team (12:00)
  • Strategy helps build relational equity (14:02)
  • How to do transitions among age groups well (17:01)
  • How children’s and youth ministries can help each other (26:46)
  • The power of feeling heard (28:52)
  • You can bridge the gap between the two ministries by doing things together (33:38)
  • How to improve the relationship between children’s ministry and youth ministry (35:40)

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