Have you ever been in charge of a youth ministry event that completely flopped? If you have, you’re not alone. The truth is, even though events are a staple in youth ministry, they’re not always easy to pull off. In fact, putting together an awesome event that students will love can be one of the toughest things to do. In this episode, join youth leaders as they talk about the best and worst events they’ve planned and the things every leader needs to consider while planning their next big event.


  • Today’s podcast guests share the worst event they’ve ever planned (3:18)
  • Things you need to think through to decide whether or not to do the event (10:13)
  • What to do when no one shows up to your event (17:45)
  • The importance of clarifying the purpose of your event (21:52)
  • The logistics needed to pull off a successful event (23:25)
  • A seamless registration process should be a top priority (29:24)
  • Why some events are better suited to be executed in a smaller group (31:00)
  • The power of a transformational event (32:30)
  • Building in one-on-one conversations with students and their leaders (34:20)
  • What to consider in terms of keeping your students safe during events (36:27)
  • Events don’t always have to be epic (45:01)
  • Attending other churches’ events can be just as impactful (45:11)


Podcast: RYM 033: Why You Should Kill Something That’s Working

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