As the school year comes to an end and with summer quickly approaching, it’s easy to become a little more relaxed in our youth ministries. But is that a good thing? Should we really be slowing things down over the summer, or is this the time to invest more in our connections with students? In this episode, join ministry leaders as they discuss the pros and cons of summer programming and what it looks like to implement an effective summer strategy.


  • The pros and cons between shutting down youth ministry programming for the summer versus continuing programming (6:44)
  • If you continue programming, lean into the idea that summer will be different than during the school year (11:37)
  • The difference between a summer strategy and hosting summer events (12:56)
  • Summer strategies vary from church to church (16:37)
  • How to connect with students of different backgrounds throughout the summer (17:53)
  • Creative ways youth ministries can take advantage of open summer schedules (18:46)
  • Setting small group leader goals (29:20)
  • How to handle graduated seniors during the summer (31:24)
  • What youth ministry leaders should do during the summer (36:10)
  • How to avoid getting discouraged by low attendance (45:14)


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