Attendance numbers aren’t the most important measures of success in your youth ministry, but to a lot of churches, the numbers still matter. This week, we’re talking about ways to get students to attend your ministry more frequently and the role engagement plays in increasing the numbers of active students on your roster.


  • What it means for students to be considered ‘active’ on a roster (4:23)
  • The importance of not ‘purging’ a student from your roster without knowing why they’re not coming (5:11)
  • The difference between attendance and engagement (6:08)
  • How to practically increase our engagement efforts (8:10)
  • Tom Shefchunas describes the “rainy Sunday morning” principle (9:28)
  • What to do when you haven’t seen a student in a while (11:42)
  • How to get your students to show up more often (14:11)
  • What we can do as youth leaders to change the frequency of student attendance (21:00)
  • The three connections students need (26:30)
  • Why your programs have to be worth showing up for (31:41)


Resource: XP3 Students

Event: National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) coupon code: ORNGfriend for $20 off

Book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Website: XP3 Students Facebook page

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