For youth ministry leaders, it’s hard to acclimate to a new church culture, let alone feel confident making decisions. On today’s episode of the Rethinking Youth Ministry podcast, our guests talk about some of the challenges youth ministry leaders face starting at a new church and how to make the most of the earlier days.


  • Challenges youth ministry leaders face when starting at a new church (1:04)
  • Common pitfalls for new youth ministry leaders (3:50)
  • What went well for podcast guests during their first few months at a new church (9:31)
  • Unique challenges a new youth pastor may face in his or her first year (13:29)
  • The people in your ministry you should win over first (19:28)
  • What to do when the former youth pastor is still on staff in a different capacity (27:03)
  • Things you need to do immediately and what you need to wait on in your first year of transition (33:30)
  • What to do when you need to course correct after making the wrong decisions early on (41:03)
  • Podcast guest, Johnathan Baldwin, shares how his recent move to a new church is going (45:48)

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