There are tons of differences between a 6th grader and a senior in high school. Can they both thrive in the same environment? Can they both thrive in the same environment? That’s the question we’re wrestling with this week. In our conversation, we discuss the developmental differences between MS and HS students, the importance of varied communication styles, and unique ways we can connect with each phase inside and outside of large group.


  • Host Brett Talley, along with podcast guests Ashley Bohinc, Candice Wynn, and Crystal Chiang share their experiences with having a mixed group in youth ministry (1:48)
  • The major differences between middle school and high school students that make a shared space difficult (9:58)
  • The difference between maturity and development (12:23)
  • How we can reach middle schoolers and high schoolers better during shared large group times (23:24)
  • How to keep students engaged in a combined environment (26:11)
  • How to keep middle schoolers engaged (30:15)
  • How to keep high schoolers engaged (39:15)

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