There’s a complicated relationship between emotions and faith. And if we’re honest, as youth ministry leaders, sometimes it can be tempting to leverage our students’ emotions to help them make big faith and life decisions. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Join us this week as we talk about how we can avoid accidentally emotionally manipulating our students, and what it looks like for our students’ emotions to play a healthy role in their lives and faith going forward.


  • How podcast guests Candice Wynn, Brett Talley, and Stuart Hall have seen emotions handled poorly in different church environments (2:35)
  • When emotions are not considered a good thing (8:05)
  • What happened to make emotions so complicated (20:15)
  • Tools we can give students to help them be able to better use discernment (32:05)
  • Practical tips to talk about emotions in a healthy way (40:10)
  • Tools youth leaders can use to equip their students to help them discern the emotions they have (49:54)


Resource: XP3 Middle School Curriculum

Resource: XP3 High School Curriculum

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