Youth ministry leaders aren’t exempt from the tougher moments and seasons of life. And whether it’s a difficult relationship, a financial mess, unexpected illness of a loved one, or something else, when life gets hard and we want to check out, we still have students who need us to show up week after week. Join us this week as we talk about what it looks like to lead a youth ministry well and navigate life’s difficult moments at the same time—and in a healthy way.


  • Podcast guests Crystal Chiang, Candice Wynn, and Brett Talley share their real life struggles while leading youth ministry (1:29)
  • Some real life challenges youth ministry leaders face personally that can make leading a challenge (8:32)
  • Processing grief communally (23:27)
  • What it looks like to stay healthy as we’re leading through life’s tough moments (26:58)
  • We can only be as healthy as our church staff is (31:43)
  • What to do in really difficult life moments (33:54)


Resource: XP3 Middle School Curriculum

Resource: XP3 High School Curriculum

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