If there’s one thing virtually all youth ministries and youth ministry leaders have in common, it’s this: We like to play games and have FUN! But are we just having fun for fun’s sake, or is there more to it than that? In this episode, we talk about why having fun is a CRUCIAL part of every youth ministry. We also discuss how, as ministry leaders, we can lean into FUN to help students break down walls and grow in relationships, leading to deeper, potentially life-changing moments and conversations down the road.


  • Podcast guests share the most fun experiences they’ve ever had in youth ministry (1:08)
  • Why fun in youth ministry gets such a bad rap sometimes (6:17)
  • Why fun matters (12:48)
  • What it means to ‘curate fun’ (16:13)
  • The difference between having a culture of fun and curating fun (19:46)
  • What it means for us to be strategic with fun (23:11)

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