As youth ministry leaders, we spend a ton of our time and energy creating environments, refining messages, and organizing events—all with the goal of helping students discover who Jesus is. But once a student decides to follow Jesus . . . then what? In this episode, we talk about what it looks like to lead students AFTER they’ve placed their faith in Jesus. In our conversation, we discuss the role of SGLs, how to talk to parents, and what’s at stake if we let students fall through the cracks.


  • Podcast guests talk about what next steps for students accepting God looked like in their church (3:08)
  • Practical ways to set parents and small group leaders up for success while working with students after a spiritual retreat (6:38)
  • The power of relationships with students who are new to faith (14:53)
  • Why it’s important to encourage your students to continue to live their lives (18:02)
  • How church participation grows students’ faith (20:47)
  • What youth ministry leaders should do to prepare small group leaders for when a student starts following Jesus (25:26)
  • How to coach small group leaders to help students ease back into normal life after a transformative faith experience (29:39)
  • How to talk to parents who don’t have a church background (32:04)
  • What’s on the line if youth ministry leaders don’t follow up with students after accepting Jesus (36:10)


Resource: XP3 Middle School Curriculum

Resource: XP3 High School Curriculum

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