If we’re being honest, oftentimes connecting with the parents of our students feels tedious and unproductive. But, as much as we might like to solely work with our students, the truth is, parents are the most influential people in our students’ lives. In this episode, we’re talking all about what to do when partnering with parents doesn’t seem to be working and what you can do to provide parents with resources, build trust, and equip your small group leaders to do the same.


  • Why we should bother partnering with parents in our youth ministry (1:19)
  • What the current makeup of a typical American family should mean for youth ministries and how we partner and connect with families (11:03)
  • How to have balance between believing your students and having an open opinion about their parents (19:43)
  • How to partner with parents of different backgrounds (21:19)
  • How to help small group leaders and volunteers effectively step into the worlds of students and parents (25:34)
  • How to build trust with parents (31:18)
  • How to resource parents (43:36)

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