Discipling students doesn’t happen from a stage—it happens in the context of relationships. That’s why creating a healthy small groups culture is such a vital part of youth ministry—but one that takes a lot of hard work. On this episode, youth leaders and small group leaders chat about the ins and outs of what it takes to create, sustain, and grow a healthy, relationship-based small groups culture in your youth ministry.


  • What ‘creating a lead small culture’ means (1:23)
  • Qualities you should look for in a volunteer (4:31)
  • How to create and sustain small groups culture during the initial shift from the church’s old model (12:31)
  • The job description for a small group leader (23:18)
  • How to sustain—not just create—a small group culture (28:11)
  • How to handle first-time student visitors (37:34)
  • The role of parents in a small groups culture (42:06)
  • How a small groups culture affects programming (46:07)
  • How a small groups culture looks different between middle school and high school ministries (52:30)

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