If you work with students, you’re probably aware of the mental health crisis happening in student culture today. At the same time though, sometimes it’s easy to forget that these issues don’t end when we become adults. In other words, as youth ministry leaders, we are not immune to issues regarding mental health. This week, we sit down with Dr. Chinwé Williams to discuss how mental health can impact our ministries and what we can do as youth leaders to take care of our own mental health.


  • How do we learn to tell the difference between a disorder and a season of stress (2:10)
  • Why is this something that the church as a whole has a problem with (5:03)
  • If counseling isn’t in the cards for people, what are some of the things they can do to prevent getting to those crisis moments (22:40)
  • Gen Z is really big into authenticity, so how can that help us be more authentic (30:07)
  • How to tell the difference between anxiety and depression (33:57)
  • What can we do if we’re beyond preventative help (38:01)
  • Tips for walking through mental health issues and what to do next (47:43)

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